Captain Hector "Lilo" Villavicencio Romero
San Quintin, Baja, Mexico     
Mexico: 011-52-1616-101-9925
      U.S.: 1-(951)-588-9253 (Monica)
Pedro's Pangas">Pedro's PangasPedro's Pangas
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Recent Trips

Did we mention yellowtail, yellowtail, yellowtail?

And don't forget, ladies like fishing too!!

As you can see halibut spawn 2 or 3 times a year and can be caught inside the bay or at San Martin Island . . .

Take a look at this great variety of surface and bottom fish available in the waters out of San Quintin.  Here is Captain Hector and Pete showing off a great catch.

Our filet table . . .

Dave Romano with his great white seabass catch!!

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