Captain Hector "Lilo" Villavicencio Romero
San Quintin, Baja, Mexico     
Mexico: 011-52-1616-101-9925
      U.S.: 1-(951)-588-9253 (Monica)
Pedro's Pangas">Pedro's PangasPedro's Pangas
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Need a fishing license?

Get your Mexican sport fishing permits on-line
in a user friendly application. 



You can purchase your ilcense and pay with any Visa, Mastercard, or debit card.  Available 24/7, you can print your permits in the comfort of your home, office or boat, and go fishing anywhere in Mexican waters.  For more information, please contact State Secretary of Tourism of Baja California.  From the U.S., please dial 011-52-664-973-0424.

Don't forget your lodging . . .

Contact The Old Mill Hotel
Jim and Nancy Harer, Owner
Toll free from the U.S. - (800) 479-7962
Or toll free from Mexico 01-800-025-5141
Email at: 


Map of Northern Baja . . .

Map of the San Quintin area . . .

General Information

  • In Baja California, you can call the Tourist Assistance Hotline, by dialing 078 from any public, private or cellular phone within the State.  You can obtain general information and help in any emergency situation.

  • Remember, that Mexican laws apply equally to local residents as well as visitors.  Don't do things that you wouldn't do back home and always use common sense.  It's imortant to always have a valid photo I.D.

  • If you plan on driving, it is very important that you consider buying Mexican auto insurance; you will save alot of time and hassle in case of an accident.

The Green Angels

They will provide free road assistance to visitors in case of a vehicle malfunction while on Mexican highways.  They also have a communication network with different government offices and offer basic toursit information.  (Look for the green pick-up trucks; they are constantly patrolling the highways and are there for you).

24 hours/7 days a week Baja California Highways Emergency Toll Free Numbers:

  • 01 800 990 3900:  Tijuana - Ensenada & El Hongo - La Rumorosa Toll Roads
  • 01 800 888 0911:  Tijuana - Tecate Toll Road. 
  • You can dial these numbers from any conventional or cell phone.  They will direct emergency assistance to you including towing services to the nearest toll gate or mechanic in the area.

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