Captain Hector "Lilo" Villavicencio Romero
San Quintin, Baja, Mexico     
Mexico: 011-52-1616-101-9925
      U.S.: 1-(951)-588-9253 (Monica)
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About San Quintin


Just 4 hours across the Mexico border rests the quiet valley of San Quintin.  Catch

yellowtail & rockcod year round . . . white seabass, calicos, and sandies . . . Also

good halibut bite at San Martin Island.  And yellowfin tuna/albacore and dorado 

 when in season!!

  • Other information about San Quintin: the population is between 15,000 and 20,000.  San Quintin is located approximately 2-1/2 hours below Ensenada. Traveling to San Quintin is by way of Highway 1 down the Baja peninsula.  Highway 1 is a single-lane highway and offers beautiful scenery along the way with amazing evening sunsets and beautiful star-filled nights. The road is being well maintained and in some section is new.

  • In addition to fishing for yellowtail, rock cod, and ling cod all year round, we have a strong tuna and albacore season from June until August.

  • The Bay itself is 8 miles long.  For those in your party who don't want to go fishing on a particular day, the Bay is great for other recreational activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, and ATV riding.  And the nearby beaches are great for clamming!

  • There are several good restaurants in and around the area, including the Old Mill Restaurant and the El Jardines Restaurant.  And in town, there is the Don Quixote Restaurant for a more casual dining experience.


Let's introduce you to the

friendly side of Mexico--known as

Baja California!


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